Terms and Conditions:

Customer's orders will be reserved until payment arrives.

Payment Methods;

Sterling - Cash/Cheque/Money order
Euros - Notes only (Current exchange rates apply)
Other currencies strictly by prior arrangement as conversion costs will be added.
Bacs payment - Please Telephone to arrange.
Cheques - To be made payable to Coins and Tokens

Postal Charges.

UK £5.00. Special delivery - fully insured.
Europe £7 International Registered - fully insured.
Worldwide £7
International Registered
Insurance restrictions may apply to some countries please contact for details.

Abbreviations and terms used in describing condition.


UNC - Uncirculated ( no sign of any wear)
EF - Extremely Fine
(virtually no wear)
VF - Very fine
(only wear on the high points of the coin)
FINE - (all the finer parts visible but has been circulated)
FAIR - (all the main parts of the design visible but considerable wear.
These grades may be varied upon with either Good, About or Near.

Additional Comments

Obv/Rev -
obverse and reverse (head and tail)
Ek - edge knock

Scr - scratch
Pol - polished
Cld - cleaned
Ex mt - ex mount (usually only visible on the edge)

All coins are guaranteed as genuine unless otherwise stated.