T0001 Wales Chepstow, Farthing, 1672, Walter Morgan, Good Fine   120.00
T0002 Wales Holyhead Harbour, Works Check, Fair RARE 40mm 45.00
T0003 England Pub Check, Tything (Worc.s) Lamb & Flag, 3d Near Ex. Fine 26mm 30.00
T0004 Wales Francis Crawshay, Hirwaun, Silver Medd. 1847, Ext. RARE 38mm 475.00
T0005 Wales Cardiff Docks, Railway Check, Very Fine 38.5mm 30.00
T0006 Wales Rhymney, Clarence Hotel, Threepence, Very Fine 26mm 18.00
T0007 Wales Treorchy, Co-op checks, 3d and 1/2d, Very Fine, pair 23mm 12.00
T0008 Wales Tredegar, Industrial Society, Milk tokens, EF, pair 32mm 18.00
T0009 Wales Rhondda, Bread checks, 1d & 1/2d, Very Fine, pair   12.00
T0010 Wales Rhondda, Co-op checks, 1d & 1/2d, Very Fine, pair   12.00
T0011 Wales Blaina, Co-op checks, 1/-, 1d & 1/2d Very Fine, lot 24mm 12.00
T0012 Wales Abergavenny Halfpenny, 1795, Very Fine 29mm 40.00
T0013 Wales Brynmawr, British Legion club, 6d, Very Fine 25.5mm 9.00
T0014 Wales Pontardawe, W.G & Co Ltd, 9d, 8d & 6d, EF, lot   20.00
T0015 Wales Nantrhydyvilas Air Furnace Penny, Swansea, 1813, Very Fine 34mm 40.00
T0016 Wales Carmarthen Penny, 1812, W.Griffiths & Co. Very Fine 34mm 20.00
T0017 Britain Great Western Railway, Pay check, (Maintenance) VF 39mm 9.00
T0018 Wales Pub Check, Rising Sun (Tirphil) 3d, Very Fine 24mm 12.00
T0019 Wales Aberdare Engineering Check, Near Extremely Fine 32mm 10.00
T0020 England Lancs, 9th Artillery Volunteers, 3rd Battery check, Very fine 26mm 30.00
T0021 England West Somerset Yeomanry, Taunton, Near Extremely Fine 27mm 40.00
T0022 England Unoff. Farthing, Chamberlains, Norwich, 1846, Brass, GVF 21mm 15.00
T0023 England Roundway Hospital, Devizes, 6d Extremely Fine 26mm 20.00
T0024 England London Halfpenny, J.Palmer Mail Coach Co. Extremely Fine 28mm 25.00
T0025 England Taunton Penny, Cox's Iron Foundry, Very Fine 24mm 12.00
T0026 England Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Co. Time check, Very Fine 33mm 12.00
T0027 England Arrow Aircraft Ltd, Time Check, Very Fine 26mm 10.00
T0028 England Bristol Silver Shilling, 1811, Common Type, Very Fine 25mm 19.00
T0029 England Concert Hall token, Birmingham,Rodney Inn 3d, Very Fine 31.5mm 25.00
T0030 England Vickers Armstrong Weybridge, Time check Good Very Fine 34mm 15.00
T0031 Wales Barry Co-op, One Pint, Special Offer, 2-50 each or 5 for 20mm 8.00
T0032 Wales Alexandra Docks, Cardiff, opening medd. 1907 GVF   10.00
T0033 Wales Swansea, 1832, pay ticket, Extremely Fine, 18mm 18mm 10.00
T0034 Wales Newport Tansporter Bridge Halfpenny, Fine   10.00
T0035 England Liverpool, Refreshment token, Coffee Tavern 1d, GVF 29mm 10.00
T0036 Scotland Unoff. Farth, Geo. Meikle, Grass Market (Edinburgh) VF RARE 22mm 60.00
T0037 Wales Colliery,South Wales Miners, Rhondda District Pass RARE 25mm 60.00
T0038 Wales Monmouth Halfpenny, 1795, Vine below, RARE GVF 29mm 50.00
T0039 England Colliery, Ribble Navigation, Preston, Good Very Fine   20.00
T0040 Wales Cardiff Military Boxing Medal, 1915, Very Fine, RARE SOLD 40.00
T0041 Wales Newport School Attendance Medal, White Metal, boxed EF 39mm 15.00
T0042 Wales Newport School Attendance Medal, Copper, boxed EF 39mm 15.00
T0043 Wales Newport Transport Tokens (2) EF 39mm 9.00
T0044 Wales Carmarthen Halfpenny, ironworks/forge, Good Very Fine 30mm 30.00
T0045 Wales Monmouth Halfpenny, 1668, Richard Ballard, Near Very Fine 21mm 70.00
T0046 Wales Swansea, Police Token, 1 1/2d Penny, Very Fine 30mm 12.00
T0047 England City of London Brewery Co. Token, 1869, Very Fine 28mm 15.00
T0048 Wales Colliery, NCB Markham, Very Fine   8.00
T0049 Wales Colliery, Miners Federation,Porth & Rhondda, Pass, RARE 31mm 60.00
T0050 Wales Colliery, Betws Mine Very Fine SOLD 12.50
T0051 Wales Risca, Penny, 1811, 11 chimney's, Very Fine, EX RARE 34mm 60.00
T0052 Britain Telegraph Messengers Token, Very Fine 26mm 10.00
T0053 England Unoff. Farthing, Hellewells Liverpool, Extremely Fine, Scarce 22mm 14.00
T0054 England Sir Jeffrey Dunstan Farthing, 1795, Blockheads type, RARE EF SOLD 40.00
T0055 Wales Neath, Shilling, 1811, Nice Very Fine, attractive SOLD 70.00
T0056 England Peterborough, Eighteenpence, 1811, Extremly Fine SOLD 50.00
T0057 England Peterborough, Shilling, 1811, Extremely Fine SOLD 35.00
T0058 Wales Newport Methodist Sale of Work Token 2/6, Good Very Fine 24mm 10.00
T0059 Wales Newport Methodist Sale of Work Token 1/-, Good Very Fine 24mm 9.00
T0060 Wales Newport Methodist Sale of Work Token 1d, Good Very Fine 24mm 9.00
T0061 Wales Anglesey Penny 1788, used as a time check, Fair-Fine 34mm 7.00
T0062 England Whitby, Shilling, 1811, Very Fine SOLD 30.00
T0063 England Bristol, Shilling, 1811, W.Sheppard, Scarce, Extremely Fine SOLD 45.00
T0064 Wales Newport Methodist Sale of Work Token 6d, Good Very Fine 24mm 9.00
T0065 Wales Dowlais Works, G.k. & S Co Ltd, time check, Very Fine   6.00
T0066 Wales Unoff. Farthing, Ingram, Abergavenny, Good V. Fine, Scarce SOLD 35.00
T0067 Wales Blaina, Co-op checks, 1 & 10/- Very Fine, pair   9.00
T0068 England Gloucester Shilling, 1811, Almost Extremely Fine nice tone SOLD 35.00
T0069 England Bristol, Shilling, 1811, E. Bryan, Scarce, Near Extemely Fine SOLD 45.00
T0070 Wales Triple of Triple Crowns Medd. 1978, Uncirculated 38mm 9.00
T0071 England Hampshire, Shilling, 1811, Near Extremely Fine SOLD 55.00
T0072 England Gloucester, Pub Token, The Bell, Barton Street, 1 1/2d, VF 23mm 30.00