M0001 Medallion George V, 1911 coronation, New Forest schoolchildren Near EF 5.00
M0002 Odds Selection of U.S. tokens (14) Fine to Extremely Fine 15.00
M0003 Medallion Frederick P.of Wales, 1750, Free British Fishery, Silver, Eimer 629 100.00
M0004 Medallion National Rifle Association, 1860 by Adams in case of issue 15.00
M0005 Tickets Reward tokens,(15) Free drinks, used in some pubs in Wales EF 4.00
M0006 Banknote U.K. Ten Pounds, Lowther, uncomplete printing, RARE 75.00
M0007 Watch Chronograph,18 carat gold, over 40 gms gold, Good Working Order 500.00
M0008 Medallion Shakespeare Society, 1803, Silver, Extremely Fine, Eimer 950 100.00
M0009 Tickets Cinema, Brussels, (wartime ?) Very Fine 5.00
M0010 Book Spink Standard Catalogue 2007, including UK postage 25.00
M0011 Tie Pin WWI, Tank Regiment, Silver sweetheart brooch, 'Fear Naught'. EF 35.00
M0012 Medallion Maraige of James III and Clementina, 1719, Eimer 485 100.00
M0013 Medallion Universal Cookery Exhibition, London, 1912, Good Very Fine 15.00
M0014 Cig. Case Solid Silver, 4.96 oz., Sheffield 1939 assay mark 35.00
M0015 Medallion School, Competition Subject Canada, 10.00
M0016 Medallion France, Bronze with lead filling on Reverse 10.00
M0017 Medallion Smallholder Championship Medal, Vegetables, 1936, Silver, GVF 10.00
M0018 Medallion Astor County Cup/ Nat. Rifle Assoc. cased UNC 10.00
M0019 Medallion France, Silver Jeton of Brittany, 1746, Very Fine 25.00
M0020 Enamel George III, Halfcrown, 1818, brooch, not perfect 30.00
M0021 Medallion Channel Island Spurious Medd's (2) SOLD 12.00
M0022 Brooch Victoria, 1892, Almost two maundy sets, EF cleaned, Scarce 100.00
M0023 Banknote Welsh Provincial, 1850, Newport Old Bank, Monmouthshire 5 80.00
M0024 Brockage Victorian Rupee, Excellent example SOLD 80.00
M0025 Enamel Victoria Shilling, 1887, brooch, not perfect SOLD 15.00
M0026 Medallion Prince Albert, 1851, Great Exhibition of Industry. UNC SOLD 30.00
M0027 Badges Scarce Group of Military Cap Badges 70.00
M0028 Badges Pair of European Tour Cycle Badges 25.00
M0029 Mint Set Elizabeth II, 1996, 10 note and Silver Proof Crown, FDC SOLD 50.00
M0030 Plaque Bridgewater Canal 1972, Uniface, Good Very Fine 20.00