ES0001 Crown George III, 1819, Extremely Fine, nicely toned 200.00
ES0002 Halfcrown George III, 1816, Plain Edge Proof, UNC, Toned SOLD 1,600.00
ES0003 Sixpence George IV, 1821, Extremely Fine, toned 120.00
ES0004 Crown Charles I, Exeter Mint, S.3062 Very Fine, toned 950.00
ES0005 Shilling Victoria, 1861, Good Extremely Fine - Uncirculated Choice 130.00
ES0006 Sixpence William & Mary, 1693, Extremely Fine 800.00
ES0007 Crown Elizabeth I, 1601, Very Fine SOLD 2,600.00
ES0008 Florin Victoria, 1853, Proof, Uncirculated, Choice, VERY RARE 2,000.00
ES0009 Shilling George I, 1723, SSC, Uncirculated CHOICE 300.00
ES0010 Shilling Edward VI, mm Y, S.2482, Very Fine 375.00
ES0011 Halfgroat Henry VII, Canterbury mint S.2211, Good Fine 25.00
ES0012 Halfgroat Henry VIII, S.2343, Canterbury Mint Good Very Fine 100.00
ES0013 Halfcrown George II, 1745, LIMA, Very Fine 120.00
ES0014 Groat Edward III, Pre Treaty Period, York Mint, S.1572, Very Fine 200.00
ES0015 Groat Henry VI, Rosette Mascle issue, Near Very Fine 100.00
ES0016 Double Florin Victoria, 1887, Arabic 1, Choice Uncirculated 100.00
ES0017 Crown George II, 1732, Plain Edge Proof RARE SOLD 5,250.00
ES0018 Sixpence William III, 1696, Norwich Mint, GVF weak in parts 150.00
ES0019 Crown Victoria, 1847, Gothic Proof, Extremely Fine 1,195.00
ES0020 Florin Victoria, Gothic, 1885, Uncirculated CHOICE 275.00
ES0021 Groat Henry VI, Annulet/Rosette- Mascle (Mule) S.1836/1839 135.00
ES0022 Half Pound Charles I, Oxford, Shrewsbury dies, Very Fine SOLD 2,500.00
ES0023 Shilling James I, S.2655, Good Very Fine, toned 350.00
ES0024 Bank Dollar George III, 1804, Carolus IIII undertype, Good Very Fine 190.00
ES0025 Crown George IV, 1821, Secundo, Good Fine/Fine attractive 70.00
ES0026 Farthing William & Mary, Proof struck in silver, Very Fine 300.00
ES0027 Shilling William & Mary, 1693, Good Fine/Very Fine 180.00
ES0028 Shilling George IV, 1826, Extremely Fine 75.00
ES0029 Bank Token George III, Three Shillings, 1812, Near Extremely Fine 90.00
ES0030 Sixpence Victoria, 1893, Uncirculated, Choice 45.00
ES0031 Groat Edward III, 4th Coinage, series C, S.1565, Near Very Fine 150.00
ES0032 Crown George II, 1741, Roses, Good Very Fine/Near Ext. Fine SOLD 850.00
ES0033 Bank Dollar George III, 1804, Fine, ex mount SOLD 50.00
ES0034 Halfpenny James I, S.2673, Almost Extremely Fine 45.00
ES0035 Florin Victoria, 1849, Extremely Fine 85.00
ES0036 Double Florin Victoria, 1887, Roman 1 in date, AEF Reverse much better 40.00
ES0037 Crown Victoria, 1887, Virtually Uncirculated, Mirror like fields 100.00
ES0038 Penny Henry III, Class Vb, Willem on Cant, Very Fine 40.00
ES0039 Groat Edward III, 4th Coinage, series C, S.1565, Near Very Fine 150.00
ES0040 Crown Elizabeth II, 1960, Uncirculated 6.00
ES0041 Crown Elizabeth II, 1953, Uncirculated 5.00
ES0042 Penny Henry VI, York, S.1940, Fine good portrait 30.00
ES0043 Shilling William IV, 1834, Uncirculated, edgy on reverse 250.00
ES0044 Maundy Set Elizabeth II, 1991, UNC in De Luxe case SOLD 85.00
ES0045 Sixpence William III, 1696, Bristol Mint, Very Fine SOLD 60.00
ES0046 Crown Victoria, 1847, Gothic Proof, Extremely Fine SOLD 1,100.00
ES0047 Groat William IV, 1836, Good Extremely Fine 45.00
ES0048 Penny Henry III, Class Vb, Nicole on Cant, Very Fine 40.00
ES0049 Threehalfpence Victoria, 1843 over 34, Uncirculated CHOICE 120.00
ES0050 Shilling Charles II, 1663, Good Fine, holed above bust 45.00
ES0051 Shilling Victoria, 1887, Accumulation of 40 pieces SOLD 75.00
ES0052 Threepence Victoria, 1893, Jubilee Head, RARE, Extremely Fine 80.00
ES0053 Maundy Set James II, Not uniform dates, Generally EF or better SOLD 325.00
ES0054 Penny Edward I, London Mint, Star on Breast, S.1408 Very Fine 30.00
ES0055 Shilling Charles I, Spink 2793, Near Very Fine, flaw in flan 65.00
ES0056 Sixpence George I, 1723, SSC, Very Fine 75.00
ES0057 Penny Edward I, London Mint, Class 2a, S.1385, Good Very Fine 50.00
ES0058 Halfcrown Charles I, Spink 2769, Class 2c, mm Harp, Near VF SOLD 150.00
ES0059 Penny Henry III, Class Vc, Ion on Cantor, Good Very Fine 45.00
ES0060 Threepences 100 mixed, various types and grades, all silver 20.00
ES0061 Sixpence Victoria, 1887, Young Head, Almost Uncirculated SOLD 40.00
ES0062 Penny Charles I, S.3327, Good Very Fine 45.00
ES0063 Shilling George II, 1758, Extremely Fine SOLD 55.00
ES0064 Crown Victoria, 1888, Very Fine SOLD 30.00
ES0065 Shilling Victoria, 1839 Proof, no WW, struck en medaille, EX. RARE 700.00
ES0066 Shilling Victoria, 1868, Almost Uncirculated SOLD 120.00
ES0067 Threepence George VI, 1944, Good Very Fine 10.00
ES0068 Bank Token George III, 1814, Eighteen Pence, Very Fine SOLD 35.00
ES0069 Crown Victoria, Jubilee Heads, Near Fine, Various Dates, EACH 10.00
ES0070 Groat Victoria, 1839, Proof, Plain Edge, Uncirculated, cld 250.00
ES0071 Penny Henry III, Class Vc, Ion on Cantor, Very Fine 40.00